Our communication channels

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Our official communication channels are:


  • support@higlobe.com (Customer Support / Account Manager Communication)
  • company.support@higlobe.com (US Company Customer Support) 
  • hi@marketing.higlobe.com (Marketing Communications) 
  • guarantee@higlobe.com (Warranty Claims)
  • privacy@higlobe.com (How we collect, use, or disclose personal data)
  • security@higlobe.com (Reporting Security Concerns)
  • no-reply@security.higlobe.com (Security Communications)

Social Media

*Customer Support will never be provided via any Social Media channels. Requests for customer support will be redirected to support@higlobe.com. Requests for customer support meetings will be redirected to a Google Customer Support Booking Calendar for scheduling 


+1 (980) 981-7418 / +1 888-744-4562 (Customer Support)


+1 (415) 630-6078 (Account Manager Communication / General Guidance) 

Security Reminders 

Higlobe will never: 

  • Ask you for your password
  • Ask you for your 2-factor authentication (2FA) code
  • Ask you for your personal information (unless you are trying to register an account or have your personal information updated by Higlobe)
  • Direct you to move your funds
  • Request permission to connect to your device
  • Ask you to download, update, or install anything or send you hyperlinks to do so
  • Request your confidential information 

You should never: 

  • Transfer funds from Higlobe under pressure
  • Share your Higlobe login credentials or 2FA codes with anyone, including someone claiming to be a Higlobe employee
  • Send or withdraw funds from Higlobe anywhere before checking the legitimacy of the destination

Customer Support Hours

Our business hours in Mexico (GMT-6) and Brazil (BRT) are 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday. During this time, our customer support team is available to provide you with assistance. Please ensure that when you contact us by email to use your Higlobe registered email address.

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