What information will I need to make a withdrawal?

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The first time you make a withdrawal, you will need to provide your bank name and account number.

  • In Mexico, this is referred to as your CLABE number. You can find your CLABE number in your monthly bank statement or banking app. It must have 18 numeric digits.


  • In Brazil, you can choose the type of transfer you prefer. For PIX, fill in the key of your choice. For TED, have your bank code, branch, and account number ready. If you do not know your bank code, you have the option to check the list of bank codes. After filling in all the necessary data, you can now withdraw the money from your Higlobe account!

We’ll keep this information, so you can use it for future withdrawals without having to re-enter it. 

Remember that you must be the account holder for this process to be successful.

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