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This FAQ is designed to help you understand the common issues that may arise with your transactions through Higlobe and provide you with the necessary information to resolve them effectively. 



1. Mexican Bank Receiving Payment Limits:

Most Mexican banks place a limit on the amount of funds that your account can receive in any month, and will reject any payment, including a withdrawal from your Higlobe account, that is larger than the preset limit. For example, both Santander and Citibanamex will reject transfers of more than MXP 20,000, and HSBC will reject any transfer of more than MXP 23,000.  

These limits can interfere with your ability to make a withdrawal from Higlobe, and are outside of Higlobe’s control. If your bank has a limit that is lower than the amount you want to withdraw, you must contact your bank to request a higher limit. Higlobe will not be able to process your withdrawal unless you adjust the limit with your local bank.   

The fix is simple: to request a higher limit, you should contact your bank's customer service department. Once you have contacted your bank and increased your receiving limit, please contact so that we can reprocess your withdrawal.

Please be assured; if you have requested a withdrawal and it cannot be processed because of a bank limit issue, your money has not disappeared. Once you adjust your receiving account limit with your bank and contact us to reprocess the withdrawal, your funds will arrive safely.


We recommend regularly checking the limit on your Mexican account, and adjusting them as necessary to facilitate your future withdrawals.


2. Incomplete or Incorrect Information:

Transactions often fail because the information provided is incorrect or incomplete. Please make sure you verify all details, such as account numbers, bank codes, and especially the CLABE number, to ensure it is correct before sending or requesting a transaction to avoid delays or rejections.




1. Business to Personal Account Transfers and Vice Versa:

It's crucial to verify the type of accounts involved in the transaction. If you are attempting to transfer funds from a business account to a personal account or from a personal account to a business account, please ensure that such transfers comply with the regulations and policies of both the sending and receiving accounts. Misclassification or misuse of account types can lead to transaction rejections.

2. Incorrect PIX Key Information:

For our clients in Brazil, ensuring that the PIX key details are accurate is essential. A PIX key error, such as entering an incorrect or outdated key, will result in the transaction being declined. Please double-check the PIX key information before initiating a transfer to avoid this issue.

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