My payor sent a payment to my Higlobe account and it hasn't arrived

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Occasionally a payment to you may take longer to arrive than you are expecting. In many cases, this happens for reasons that are outside of Higlobe’s control. 


Here are the most common reasons for a delay:


1.- Your payment was scheduled for a future date:

If a transfer is scheduled to settle on a future date, payment will not appear in your account until at least that date has been reached. The practice of scheduling future payments is common when coordinating between different time zones or when aligning with specific financial arrangements. If you suspect this might be the case, please confirm the scheduled payment date with your payor. 


2.- Your payor sent your payment by domestic wire transfer:

Many people are unaware that domestic wire transfers can take up to five business days to arrive at your Higlobe receiving account, depending on the originating and receiving banks, the timing of the transfer initiation and other factors. This timing is not related to any factors within Higlobe’s control. If you know or believe that your payor sent your payment by domestic wire transfer, please allow five business days from the day it was sent for your payment to arrive in your Higlobe account. 


3. Your payment was initiated outside of normal business hours or on a non-business day:

Higlobe depends on the U.S. banking system to enable you to receive payments.  While many U.S. banks allow payments to be initiated on any day or at any hour, bank transfers are not processed in the U.S on days that are not business days there. Accordingly, If a payor initiates a transfer to you on a weekend,  on a US public holiday, or after normal business hours, it will not only be processed until the next business day, which might delay the receipt in your account. For a complete list of U.S public holidays on which banks are closed, please see this page:. Bank holidays.


4. Your Payor tried to pay you by International Wire Transfer:

Higlobe does not accept international wire transfers. If a payor attempts to send you an international wire transfer it will be automatically rejected and returned to the originator within 48 business hours. 


5. Higlobe needs additional information about your payment:

Occasionally, Higlobe may require additional information from you about the payor or the nature of the payment in order to process a transaction, and this may be the cause for a delay. If you are expecting a payment that has not arrived, please check your email, including your spam folder, for an email from requesting further information.


6. Your Payor used incorrect information when sending your payment:

Transfers that contain incomplete or inaccurate transfer instructions cannot be delivered and will automatically be returned to the originator. If you believe that you should have received a payment, please consider confirming with your payor that all information used by the payor to send the payment to you was accurate and complete.


7. None of these reasons apply:

If none of the reasons above apply and your transfer hasn't arrived, please ask your payor to provide you with the name and account number of the originating bank, and if possible, documentation (which can be in the form of a screenshot) showing that the payment was sent. Please send this information to and we will be happy to help you determine the reason for the delay. 

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