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What information do I need to provide for the internal receipt when receiving payments through platforms like Deel, Rippling, Upwork, and Fiverr?

  • When you use Higlobe in conjunction with platforms like Deel, Rippling, Upwork, Trinet, Paylocity, Paycheck, Bamboo HR, Workday, Gusto, ADP and Fiverr, it's crucial to provide the details of your payor (the entity or individual that is making the payment to you) when you fill out  your Higlobe internal receipt. We need information about the source of your payments to ensure that we can accurately process and track your transactions.

What details do I need?

When you fill out the Higobe internal receipt, you will be asked to provide the following information for each Payor:

  • Payor Name
  • Payor Email Address
  • Payor Street Address
  • A Brief Description of the Services you Performed


Please note that we cannot process payments without this information. 


What if I don't have my payor's details?

If you don't have the necessary information from your payor, we strongly advise you to reach out to them directly and request whatever information you are missing.. We are unable to process payments without the information listed above, and unfortunately your payment will be delayed until we receive this information. 

Having accurate payor information is essential for the smooth processing of your payments and receipts through Higlobe.


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