Does Higlobe have either an IBAN or SWIFT code?

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Does Higlobe have an IBAN  or SWIFT code?

International Bank Account Numbers, also called IBANs, are not used by U.S. banks. 

Because Higlobe partners with a US bank to provide your US receiving account, we do not have an IBAN. 

While SWIFT codes are generally used to make international money transfers between banks, Higlobe does not use SWIFT codes to provide our transfer service. In addition, Higlobe does not accept international wire transfers at this time.


My employer/payor is asking me for Higlobe’s IBAN number. What should I tell them? 

Please tell your payor that your Higlobe receiving account is a US bank account, and is able to receive funds via ACH or US domestic wire. The only number they need to send you a payment is your complete Higlobe account number and routing number.


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