What is Higlobe gift card and how does it work?

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The Higlobe gift card is a feature introduced by Higlobe that allows you to transfer funds from your Higlobe account to a prepaid gift card. With this gift card, you can conveniently make purchases at participating merchants in your country using your local currency, without any additional fees.

Please check the most frequently asked questions about this card and how does it works:

1) Where can I get my Gift Card?

You can purchase Gift Cards directly from your dashboard, after receiving a second payment on your Higlobe account. You can find step-by-step instruction on how to get a Gift card in the following article: How to get a Higlobe Gift card?

2) Do the Gift Cards have a physical option?

Unfortunately, no. However, you can use a gift card for in-person purchases by providing the card details at the merchant store. Keep in mind that each card is governed by the Merchant’s Terms and Conditions, and accordingly, acceptance may vary. Refer to the card Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.

3) Where are Merchant Gift Cards accepted?

Currently, Gift Cards are available from participating merchants located in the customer's home country. But they are valid for both online and in-person purchases.

4) Is there any fee?

No! You can use your Gift Card freely without incurring any fees.

5) Can I reload the card if I want to?

No. If you spend the full amount of a Gift Card, you must create a new Gift Card to continue spending. 

6) What is the card limit and expiration?

Card limits and expiration depend on the Terms and Conditions of each Merchant. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Merchant card you are interested in creating for detailed information.

7) Can I have more than one gift card at the same time?

Yes, you can! Check the available merchants and consider your current balance

8) Can I transfer the amount I deposited onto a gift card back to my Higlobe account?

No. Once an amount is transferred to a gift card, it cannot be transferred back to your Higlobe account.

9) Can I cancel a prepaid gift card after it has been created?

No, once a gift card is created, unfortunately, there is no way to cancel it.

If you need any further assistance, our Support team is available during business hours in Mexico (GMT-6) and Brazil (BRT) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday via Live Chat or by email at support@higlobe.com. Please ensure that when you contact us by email to use your Higlobe registered email address.

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