How do Higlobe gift cards work?

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Introducing Higlobe's new gift card feature! You can now use your Higlobe balance to pay for both digital and physical products directly, eliminating the need to first withdraw funds to your local bank account.

Utilizing a Higlobe gift card is a straightforward process, divided into two stages:


Step 1: Creating a New Card:

  1. Explore our extensive store catalog, available for various regions including BR and MX.
  2. Access your Higlobe account and navigate to the homepage to create a new Gift Card.
  3. Select the amount you wish to transfer to cards, keeping in mind the option to create cards for multiple stores.
    • Please note that once funds are transferred to the gift card platform, they cannot be refunded or transferred back to Higlobe.
      • For instance: if you wish to create cards in two different stores, one worth R$ 150.00 and the other R$ 50.00, you should add a new card worth a total of R$ 200.00.

  • There is no spread or other fee to purchase or use a gift card
  • You can check the current exchange rate on the Higlobe platform during the card creation process. This is updated daily. 
  • The value transferred will always be based on the exchange rate shown in the Higlobe platform at the time of your transfer, ensuring transparency and preventing any additional charges due to future exchange rate fluctuations.


Step 2: Redeem Your Card:

  • Shortly after transferring funds to card creation, you will receive a redemption link via email.
  • Click on the link to be redirected to the Higlobe gift card store catalog, where your available balance will be reflected.
  • Add your desired gift cards and amounts to the cart.
  • Accept the gift card platform's Terms and Conditions and complete your purchase 
  • You'll receive an email or emails containing instructions for each generated card, guiding you on their individual usage.

Experience seamless and convenient shopping with Higlobe's innovative gift card service.

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