What is the Lowest Cost Guarantee?

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[This article applies to Brazil and Mexico only]

What is the Lowest Cost Guarantee?

If you're an existing Higlobe customer in Brazil or Mexico and have received one or more transfers through our service, we want to ensure you're getting the best value. If you receive a genuine offer from a competing money transfer service for a USD payment to Brazil or Mexico from the U.S. at a lower overall cost, Higlobe will match that price. We will cover the difference between the total cost of the competing service and the total cost of using Higlobe, as outlined in more detail below.

To qualify for compensation under this guarantee, the total cost of using the competing service must be lower than the total cost of using Higlobe to transfer an equivalent sum.

It's important to note that we reserve the right to consider any limitations or conditions associated with the competing offer (such as the offer duration, transfer size or volume restrictions) when determining the compensation amount that Higlobe will provide under this guarantee.

Higlobe also reserves the right to verify all claims submitted under this guarantee, and to reject any claim that cannot be substantiated to our satisfaction. 

What are the requirements to be eligible?

To qualify for this guarantee, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Successfully complete our onboarding process.
  • Have one or more valid transfers recorded in your Higlobe account.
  • Provide one or more, if required, valid proofs of your total cost of using another platform.

To qualify for compensation under the guarantee, the total cost to use the competing service must be less than the total cost to use Higlobe to transfer a comparable sum. The "total cost" to use the competing service includes:

  • The base FX rate employed.
  • Any applied "spread" or margin on the FX rate.
  • All relevant IOF or other taxes associated with the transfer.
  • Any fees incurred in connection with the transfer.

The proof you submit to us should include all the information stated above and the date and time that the competing offer was made to you.

How will Higlobe match my costs?

Upon approval of your request, we will issue compensation by crediting the difference between the cost incurred on our platform and that of a competing money transfer service into your Higlobe account. This credit will be issued at the end of the month, and it's important to note the following:

  1. We will endeavor to approve or deny all requests within 20 business days, with the submission date marking the commencement of your guarantee.
  2. The refund, if awarded, will be processed by the last day of the current month, considering the submission date as the starting point, not the approval date. All transfers made within this timeframe will be taken into account.
  3. Any refund requests received during the last week of any month will be processed in the following month.
  4. If the month concludes before the completion of our review analysis, the refund will be retroactively processed in the following month.

How to Submit a claim

To submit a claim under this guarantee, please email guarantee@higlobe.com and include “Guarantee Claim” in the subject line. All claims submitted must be accompanied by supporting documentation of the competing offer, which can be in the form of screenshots, to be considered. Claims submitted without supporting documentation will not be considered.

Higlobe will use its best efforts to approve or deny any claim within 20 business days.

At Higlobe, we are dedicated to providing you with the most cost-effective money transfer solutions, and our Lowest Total Cost Guarantee is just one way we strive to make your experience with us as valuable as possible. Enjoy!

For a complete description of the Guarantee, please see our Terms of Service, available here

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