What are the fees associated with converting and withdrawing money with Higlobe?

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Higlobe does not charge fees for the use of our services.

However, there are costs associated with the FX exchange and bank transfers in connection with withdrawal, and Higlobe customers are responsible for paying these costs when they make a withdrawal. 

These costs take the form of a spread, which is added to the FX rate that is used to determine the amount of local currency that you will receive when you make a withdrawal. 

This is one reason why the FX rate you will see displayed on the Higlobe withdrawal page may appear worse than the FX rate that you may find on other websites. The FX rate that Higlobe uses includes the FX spread charged by our local partners. In addition, the FX rate displayed on other websites may be a wholesale rate, which applies only to very large transactions.  The FX cost is the only charge that you will incur.

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