I'm an American company. How can I use Higlobe to pay my employees in Brazil or Mexico?

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Higlobe works by giving international employees a Higlobe account. We have partnered with a US bank to enable non-US residents to open a US receiving bank account to receive their salary from US companies, in a domestic transfer. 

Because we work by giving accounts to recipients, there is no need for employers to open a Higlobe account to pay their international employees. The best way for US companies to use Higlobe is to refer their international employees to Higlobe and encourage them to open their own Higlobe accounts.

When your employees open a Higlobe account, they will receive a US routing number and an individual account number, which you can use to pay their salary. The employee’s Higlobe account accepts ACH payments, so you can pay your international employees in the same way that you would make any other ACH payment. There is no need to make special arrangements for international payments or wire transfers.

Making payments via ACH to Higlobe accounts is as straightforward as making any other domestic transfer. Your employees will receive the funds in our platform and can withdraw them at their convenience in their home country's currency. We do not charge withdrawal fees, and the receipt of funds is immediate.

If you are a US company with more than 5 employees and have questions about Higlobe or how we can help your employees open accounts, please email company.support@higlobe.com and a member of our customer support team will get back to you as soon as we are able. 

Recommend Higlobe to your international employees today!

Our team is ready to assist them with the account opening process, which is quick and easy.

We also offer special benefits for them, including:

  • Prepaid virtual cards for domestic and U.S. purchases, including the ability to buy gift cards.
  • Dedicated account managers to assist them with their funds.
  • Immediate transfers to local bank accounts once funds are deposited.
  • 20 USD dollars referral award.

Take advantage of these benefits and streamline payments to your international employees with Higlobe. 

Contact our team for more information or support during the process.

  • This is an example of the page that your employee will see with his data and share with you:

higlobe-share-account-details-short (1).png

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