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It's important to clarify that Higlobe is not a bank and does not provide FDIC insurance coverage to its account holders.

FDIC insurance, also known as Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation insurance, is a US government program that insures bank deposits against losses due to a bank failure (like a bankruptcy), up to certain limits. In other words, if the bank in which you have money deposited goes bankrupt, the FDIC will repay your deposit. Higlobe is not a bank and for that reason, we do not provide FDIC insurance to our account holders. 

However, Higlobe is unique among money transfer services in that we agree in our Terms of Service to reimburse you if your funds are lost while in our possession, for almost any reason. To our knowledge, Higlobe is the only money service provider to provide this type of warranty. 

While the Higlobe warranty is not the same as FDIC insurance, because there is no government agency standing behind our warranty, we have agreed that if your funds are lost while in our possession, we will reimburse you, subject to certain exclusions, in the amounts of up to $5,000, $20,000, and $100,000 USD, depending on the tier of Higlobe service that you use. For important details regarding our warranty against losses, see Section [4.5] of our Terms, which can be found here: https://higlobe.com/pt-br/terms-and-conditions.

Learn more about our insurance on the Account Security page of our FAQ.

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