What are my Higlobe Receiving Account details, and where can I find them?

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All the account information for your Higlobe Receiving Account is available on your home screen, which you should arrive at after logging into your Higlobe account.

Your receiving account details consist of the following:

  • Account Name: Your full name as registered on your Higlobe account. 
  • Account Number: A unique number used to identify your receiving bank account.
  • Routing Number: This number, sometimes called an ABA number or routing and transit number (RTN), identifies the bank where your Receiving Account is located.  The routing number associated with your account is used to ensure swift and accurate transfers from virtually any US bank account or platform.

If your payer requests the bank name and address to include with your payment instructions, please provide the following address: 

Bank Name: Cross River Bank

Bank Address: 855 Teaneck Road - Teaneck, NJ - 07666, USA


If the payer requests an account statement, please contact our customer support team at support@higlobe.com, we will be happy to provide a document with your account information. 

For more information, see: My employer in the USA asked me for an account statement. What is this? 

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