Can I receive transfers from Cash App, Venmo, Wise, or PayPal into my Higlobe account? My employer pays all overseas contractors through them.

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Yes, in general you can receive transfers into your Higlobe account from accounts at other payment service providers such as Cash App, Venmo, Wise, or PayPal, provided that they originate from a bona fide business payor, and provided that you comply with the requirements below. : :

  • Accompanying Invoice Copy:

    For every transfer to your Higlobe account from another payment platform, you must submit a copy of an invoice from you to the original payor. The invoice should contain the name [and address] of the original payor, the date of the invoice, the amount you are being paid, and a brief description of the services you performed or goods you provided.
  • Transfer Amount Must Match the Invoiced Amount:

    The dollar amount stated on the invoice you submit to Higlobe must be the same as the dollar amount being transferred to your Higlobe account from the other payment service provider. For example, if your original payor paid you $1,000 (via Wise or PayPal) for work you performed, you must transfer the entire $1,000 payment from the other payment service provider to your Higlobe account. 
  • Quick Forwarding is Necessary:

    If there is a delay of more than a few days between the time that your funds are received from your payor and the time that you transfer them to Higlobe, it becomes more difficult for us to be confident that these are one and the same payment. Accordingly, the payment into your Higlobe account from the other payment service must be relatively close in time to the date of the payment of the underlying invoice by your original payor to that service. While there is no absolute deadline, we strongly recommend that you transfer any indirect payments received through other payment services into your Higlobe account within a few days of receipt of payment to the other payment service
  • Strict Application:

    Unfortunately, we are required to enforce these requirements very strictly. If you disregard any of the requirements above, your payment will be returned to the sending payment service, and your account may be charged for our costs to do so. 

If you are unable to comply with one of the above requirements, but you feel that there are extenuating circumstances, or you are confident that you can demonstrate that the payment to your Higlobe account is legitimately originator with a bona fide third party payor, please contact, and please put “Indirect Payment Question” in the subject line of your email.


Note: It's important to mention that it's not possible to make withdrawals to these types of accounts and apps, only to local accounts in your country (MX or BR).

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