How to create a virtual Higlobe card?

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Creating your Higlobe virtual card is a simple process.


  1. Log in to your Higlobe profile. At the bottom of the Home page, you’ll find the virtual card section. To start, click on the “Create my card” button. 

  1. You’ll immediately see a pink Higlobe card and the Billing Address. You’ll receive an email from our partner,, with the subject “Digital Card Redemption from Higlobe'' including a brief walkthrough of the registration process. For the next step, you’ll need two numeric data: a verification code (4 digits) and a proxy number. (13 digits). To discover both, simply click on the “First Access?” link. This is the only time you’ll ever need this information.


  1. Now, it’s time to click on “See card information”. A new window will open on You’ll need to introduce the verification code on this 1st screen, check the “I’m not a robot” box, and click on “Continue”. This is the very first step for configuring your new dash account, where you’ll be able to see all the virtual card information, including transactions.

  1. In the next screen, your mobile number will be required. Don’t worry! This isn’t necessary. The field is going to be prefilled with the number (999) 999-9999. Just click on ‘’Continue’’.

  1. For this step, your email address will be prefilled as well. You’ll just have to set and confirm your password. 


  1. Next, is the two-step verification. Remember to select the “Send an email” option and then click on ‘’Continue’.’ You’ll receive an email from our partner email,, with the subject “Registration Token” with a 6-digit code to introduce on the next screen.


  1. You’re almost done! Our partner, Dash, will fill you in on all the details about their Terms and Conditions. After reading the information, click on the “Agree & Sign” button.

  1. Your Virtual Card is almost ready! All you have to do is to activate it by clicking on the “Activate Card” button or swiping the “Activate” switch on the top right side of the gray card. Only one step left!



  1. Your final step is to set and confirm your card's 4-digit PIN.



Your Higlobe virtual card is fully activated now! You’ll find your digital card information in the “Manage Cards” section on the left side menu.


Every time you need to see your card information, click on “See card information” during your Higlobe session, and this link will automatically redirect you to the page. You can load funds on your card directly from your Higlobe session, by clicking on the “Load Card” button.


Now, you can easily spend your money in the USA!

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