I received an email telling me that I received my first payment from the company I work for, but the website is showing the payment status as “blocked”. What happened?

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This is normal and will happen whenever you receive your first payment from a new payer.  But only the first time. 

Any time you receive a payment from a new payer, Higlobe verifies certain information about the paying company to ensure security and compliance. This verification process can take up to 24 hours, although in many cases, it is completed faster. During this period, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience as we work diligently to release the payment as quickly as possible.

Once the verification is completed, the payment status will be updated to "released," and you will be able to proceed with creating your invoice and using the funds in your account as needed.

It is important to note that we only perform this verification process in connection with the first payment you receive from a new company.

Any future payments you receive from the same company will be released without the need to go through the verification process again.

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