Is Higlobe a crypto exchange?

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No. Higlobe is not a cryptocurrency exchange. Higlobe is primarily a money transmitter - a payment provider. Our service is specifically designed for contractors, freelancers and other service providers to receive payments from American companies for services they have performed. Although Higlobe uses USDC stablecoin to perform its money transfer service and to hold customer balances, Higlobe account holders cannot use Higlobe to purchase or sell cryptocurrencies in any way.

We are a regulated payment platform registered as a money service business (an MSB) with FinCEN, a bureau of the U.S. Department of the Treasury, in the USA. Our main goal is to facilitate secure and efficient financial transactions between companies and workers, offering a convenient and reliable payment solution. Through our platform, American companies can make payments to their collaborators in Mexico and Brazil, providing a simplified and transparent payment solution.

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