I want to make money. Will Higlobe pay me?

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No, Higlobe does not make direct payments to users.

The role of Higlobe is to be a platform through which American companies can send payments to professionals who are being paid for work that they have done remotely for those companies. Higlobe enables its customers to receive these payments into a Higlobe account, and then to withdraw them to a bank account in their home country. Therefore, no funds come from Higlobe itself, We act solely as an intermediary that enables you to receive payments securely through our platform.

If you are not currently working for an American company, our service is not a suitable solution for your needs. However, if your professional situation changes, and you start working with American companies, we will be happy to assist you with our services at that time.

It's important to note that Higlobe does not conduct raffles, send prizes, or have any association with online gaming sites. We are not a paid gaming or prize distribution platform. Additionally, except for referrals of new customers by existing customers, Higlobe does not make deposits or distribute the money as a reward for platform usage or for any other activities.

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