How does Higlobe's Limited Warranty against Loss work?

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Core to our service at Higlobe is our confidence in the safety and security of our systems and service providers. We are so confident in the security of our service that we will reimburse you, up to $20,000, if your funds are lost for any reason between the time they are received into your Higlobe US receiving account and when they are sent by our local partner for delivery to your local bank account, subject to certain exceptions and limitations summarized below.

Please note that this description of our warranty is a summary only, and we strongly recommend that you read the full text of the Limited Warranty contained in Section 4.3 of our Terms and Conditions for complete information. 

The Limited Warranty does not cover reimbursement for any loss you incur that is caused in whole or in part by:

(i) fraud or negligence on your part (for example, when handling your Higlobe password);

(ii) a seizure, confiscation, hold, or freeze (whether temporary or permanent) of funds in your Higlobe account or funds that are being transferred by Higlobe, by a US or foreign governmental or banking agency or regulator. This could be in connection with actual or suspected illegal activity by you, or with any actual or suspected violation by you of the tax, AML, KYC, OFAC sanctions, or similar laws of the US or any other country;

(iii) a Force Majeure Event, such as the failure of the blockchain or the banking system in your country, certain bank failures, and any systemic bank failure in any county.

In addition, the Limited Warranty assumes you are complying with the Higlobe Terms and Conditions and the Terms and Conditions of our service providers or partners. You won’t be reimbursed for any losses you incur while in violation of any applicable Terms.

Our limited warranty is limited to a maximum payout of $1,000,000. If Higlobe receives multiple claims under the warranty that, when aggregated, exceeds $1,000,000, Higlobe will reimburse you and other affected customers in amounts that Higlobe determines are fairest to all customers. As a result, you may be reimbursed for less than the full amount of your loss. Any claim you make under the limited warranty is subject to verification and confirmation by Higlobe. 

For a complete description of our Limited Warranty against Losses, please consult section 4.3 of our Terms and Conditions.


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