I do not recognize a purchase on my virtual card. What should I do?

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Collect all the details about the unrecognized purchase, including the amount, date, and name of the establishment where the transaction occurred. 

If, after verifying the information, you do not recognize the purchase, please contact the card provider (Tango) to report this and follow their instructions.

Only the card provider can assist you with unrecognized purchases.

Please be careful and do not share images or data of your virtual card on social media, and avoid sharing this information with third parties.

If you need further assistance, our Support team is available during business hours in Mexico (GMT-6) and Brazil (BRT) from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, Monday to Friday via Live Chat or by email at support@higlobe.com. Please ensure that when you contact us by email to use your Higlobe registered email address.

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