What is a prepaid card?

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The Higlobe prepaid card is a universally recognized payment alternative and can be employed in any part of the United States. Furthermore, this card enables you to perform recharge operations in ($USD) and functions seamlessly with all US territories and online stores that acknowledge the card's emblem.

The loading fee assessed corresponds to the precise amount you select to load onto your virtual card. Its purpose is to facilitate the creation of a unique number that enhances the security and convenience of the card during its usage.

By utilizing this card, you can exercise better control over your spending habits by defining the specific amounts to be utilized in your purchases. In addition, since the recharge amounts originate directly from your Higlobe account, there is no requirement for credit evaluations or checks.

Opting for the Higlobe virtual card guarantees you a secure and stress-free shopping experience, as well as cost savings and safety since you avoid carrying physical currency.


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