How is Higlobe's service faster and cheaper?

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At Higlobe, you get a payout account in the USA, share your details with your payer, and voilà, you can receive your payments in dollars! We transfer the funds to our partner in the local country and whenever you want, you can withdraw your money in local currency.


We’re committed to sending you your money quickly and safely.


A practical example of our services is if you are a freelance designer providing services for an American company. You can use your Higlobe account to receive your payments.  With your Higlobe account, the company is able to pay you as if they were paying someone within the United States, which makes the transaction faster and more cost-effective.  

After receiving your salary, you have the autonomy to leave your balance in dollars or withdraw your payment to a local account.   You directly receive the amount converted into your local currency in your local account, with no fees, and instantly. 


What type of payments can I receive at Higlobe? 

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