What forms of transfers does the Higlobe account offer to send money to my local account in Brazil?

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The transfer options available within your Higlobe account are PIX, TED/DOC.

PIX is an instant means of payment. The amounts you choose to withdraw within the platform can be transferred from one account to another within ten seconds, at any time, on a daily basis (including holidays and weekends).

In the TED option, the money drops on the same day if made before 5 pm, and allows transfers over R$ 5,000.

With the DOC option, the money drops on the next day but can take longer if done after 10 pm with a maximum amount of R$ 4,999.99 .

Remember that you can only transfer money to local bank accounts of the same ownership, so you can only send money from your Higlobe account to a local account that has the same name and data corresponding to your account with us here, it is not possible to send money to third parties.

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